Hardware recommendation for office

  • I am a long time home user of pfSense on a J3355 box I built.

    My office is in need of new network hardware and I want to upgrade it to pfSense. The main use beyond basic networking is to run pfBlockerNG.

    The ISP speed is currently 20Mbps and I doubt will ever reach 100+ in the next 5 years. The max users at any given time are 4 wired desktops and 2-4 wireless devices (phones and tablets).

    I would like to run pfBlockerNG with multiple lists and GeoIP's blocked.

    The possibility is there to establish a VPN connection for remote access from my home (pfSense to pfSense) but I do not believe speed will be an issue due to the slow ISP at the office. But worth noting.

    SG-3100? I can build another J3355 cheaper but prefer to go prebuilt for less headaches. Any concerns with a new model in the next 3-6 months? Will the SG-3100 have a 5 year lifespan (whether "officially" supported or not)?

    I plan to pair with a basic switch and a TP-Link EAP 225v3 for wireless.

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    Drop our sales team a message: sales@netgate(dot)com

  • @chrismacmahon

    Email sent.

    Any other advice from others is welcomed.

  • @pfnguser114 If your self-supporting, I'd suggest a no-cost option like an recycled PC with the Community Edition. Pretty small environment, even smaller than my home... :)

  • @provels

    I agree but I also need minimal downtime and maintenance down the road. That said, my J3355 has been rock solid but I have the luxury of being able to fiddle with it at home.

    I also need the small footprint of the purpose built units due to the current location of the router. I have never found a small router sized mini-ITX case to build with.

    To save $100 or less building my own is less appealing too.

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