Conditional forwarder pointed to pfSense causes Error 5504

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to use pfSense as our dedicated management router with its own DHCP and DNS services. We have conditional forwarders setup in our Windows-based DNS servers for our management domain, pointed at our pfSense instance, and vice versa. So:

    pfSense DNS ( management.local
    -conditional forwarder for corporate.local via (DC IP)

    Windows DNS ( corporate.local
    -conditional forwarder for management.local via (pfSense IP)

    Resolving querys via the conditional forwarder works with pfSense, but not the Windows DNS server. Whenever I attempt to send a DNS query for management.local via the corporate.local DNS server, the query fails and the Windows DNS server event log gets entries for Event ID 5504: "The DNS server encountered an invalid domain name in a packet from The packet will be rejected. The event data contains the DNS packet." Doing a query for corporate.local via the management.local DNS server works fine.

    Are there some settings I'm missing? I've tried Googling for similar issues but haven't found anyone with something similar.

  • @kwaleeb said in Conditional forwarder pointed to pfSense causes Error 5504:

    The DNS server encountered an invalid domain name in a packet from

    How is ?
    It's asking who do resolver ?
    What was the " invalid domain name" ?

    Note that an " invalid domain name" should return a fail, so is there actually a problem ?

  • Sorry, the IP was wrong in the error. It should've been

    I'm not sure, that's why I'm here asking. It says that the pfSense DNS server (unbound) is replying with invalid DNS packets, and I don't understand why. It happens on both Windows Server 2008R2 and 2016 DNS servers. The DNS entries, for example, work on the network itself, but any Windows DNS servers that have conditional forwarders pointed to the pfSense DNS server get errors.

    I would just use IP addresses but some stuff (vSphere) requires DNS to be working.

  • Crank up the logging details on pfSense, and check the logs. You'll be able to see what it receives for resolving.

  • It was the "Access Lists" tab, I didn't know you had to allow networks outside of directly attached ones. Everything works now.


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