Gameserver on LB

  • I have two 15/2 connections that I have successfully LB'ed.  They have two different ip's so it is impossible to connect to my cod 2 server.  Is there anyway to keep the LB and be able to connect to my cod 2 server over the internet????

  • The loadbalancer is for outbound connections. (as long as you're not talking about a server pool).

    To access the same server over two WANs: Just create two NAT forwardings.

  • Sorry I am kind of a noob.  Could you elaborate a little more, I went to firewall then NAT from there I could click on port forward / 1:1 / or Outbound.  Which one of these should I click on?  After that what should I do?? BTW thanks a lot for going through the trouble of responding!! :)

  • Before you ask more questions:
    Read up what NAT is.
    Wikipedia and google are good places.

    After you know what NAT is, you should know which of these you need ;)

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