unable to querry DNS for dynamic DHCP clients

  • Dear all

    I have a PFsense, lates version, running at home.

    I struggle to get the DNS resolver working for DHCP registered addresses.
    The DNS lookup works fine for leases with a static mapping.

    Certainly, DNS Resolver / General Settings -> "Register DHCP leases in the DNS Resolver" is enabled (thick box checked).

    Why is it the clients with dynamic IP addresses not resolving on PFsense? And how could I make it work?

    Please see further details below. Any help would be very very very appreciated...

    Kind regards,


    1/ Entry with static DHCP lease (working):

    $ nslookup fileserver
    Server: -> PFSense LAN Address

    Name: fileserver.lan.xxx.xx -> FQDN of "Fileserver" (anonymized)

    2/ Entry with dynamic DHCP lease (not working):

    $nslookup win10-64 -> PC Client Name
    Server: pfSense.xxx.xx -> pfSense Host Name (anonymized)
    Address: -> PFSense LAN Address

    *** win10-64 not found by pfSense.xxx.xx .

    -> I can see the host in StatusDHCP / Leases with the name "Win10-64" and associated IP address. (The thicks in the left column of the lease table are all grey - if this matters somehow).

  • Hi all

    I have finally figured out the relations behind the curtain.

    The solution would be to set the domain name of pfsense to match the dynamic DHCP environment.
    The DNS lookup is dependent from the setting general setup -> domain. The DNS lookup for DHCP dynamic entries are looked up by the value given there.

    However, it is not my intention to use it in that way...

    So the question is: how can I have different (or generic) sub-domain entries for subnets, independent from the pfsenses FQN?

    Btw: is it supposed to work like that? Seems a bit odd..

    Kind regards

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