Syslogd keeps using old IP address after interface IP address change

  • Found a small issue in pfsense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3.

    • Have syslog configured to send log messages using a particular LAN interface

    • Check Diagnostics -> Sockets, you see the IP of that LAN interface there being used by syslogd

    • Reconfigure LAN interface to another IP

    • Check Diagnostics -> Sockets, nothing changed

    • Check your syslog server, you still see loglines with the former IP there (several days after the IP change occured)

    • Go to Status -> System Logs -> Settings, Click "save" there

    • Check Diagnostics -> Sockets again, you see syslogd using the correct IP now

    • Check your syslog server, you see loglines with the correct IP now

  • Netgate Administrator

    Open a bug report if you have not already:

    That does look like syslog should be restarted when the interface is reconfigured.


  • Done.

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