ODROID-H2 (Hardware) OpenVPN Server

  • I`m planning to upgrade my old Pfsense box to ODROID-H2 hardware.
    The main purpose is to host a OpenVPN server, what speed can I expect to get from these hardware when it comes to OpenVPN performance?

    How much memory and disk space do I need for Pfsense on these hardware?

  • Netgate Administrator

    With the J4105 cpu?

    The single thread rating on that is quite good assuming it's using the turbo speed continually. I've never actually tested it but I would expect to see >200Mbps say. That is obviously dependent on numerous things such as link latency, the capabilities of the other end and what traffic you are testing with.

    pfSense will run in 512MB and install in 2GB but more would be better if you plan to use packages etc. šŸ˜‰

    It does have (relatively) crappy Realtek NICs which is unfortunate: https://forum.netgate.com/post/817058


  • ā€¢Intel Quad-core processor J4105 (14nm) with 4MiB Cache, up to 2.5Ghz(Single Thread) or 2.3Ghz(Multi Thread)

    I understand OpenVPN only use one thread, so I guess I will run Single Thread and will then get 2.5Ghz.

    200Mbit is plenty for meā€¦ the internet line is not more then 80 right now.. but off course it will increase in the future so nice to have hardware for the futureā€¦.

    I will install the smalest SSD I find so the harddrive space will not be a issue thenā€¦

    Memory, so I should go for 4GB one card and then I can install one card more in the futureā€¦. I will not use many package accept for default and OpenVPN in the first placeā€¦

    Can these be a plan ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, that should be fine. Assuming the NICs are OK for you of course.


  • @stephenw10

    The NICā€™s will only increase the CPU some and reduce the OpenVPN performance since the CPU load is higher?

    There is not another issuses?

    200mbit ++ is good enougf for me.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Some people using some variants of Realtek's Gigabit NIC (there are many) see them stop passing traffic. If you see watchdog errors logged when that happens using the alternative driver should resolve it. See the thread I linked to.
    It may not happen, the original APU used Realtek NICs and I've never once seen it do that, but at least that user was seeing it with the Odroid-H2.


  • Thank you,

    200mbit ++ shall be more then enoufh for me.

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