Need help please

  • Hi guys, Can you help me? I can't access the internet. I'm using the OSPF protocol. I can ping pfsense to vlan10 & vlan20 network vice versa. I can ping the emo interface in the pfsense with ip address. but i cannot ping the ip address of isp. i can ping the internet using the pfsense firewall. but pinging the internet from any vlan10 not working.


  • Your diagram is hard to read and you don't show any addresses at all.

    Post a real diagram with the interfaces properly numbered, and also include snaps of your firewall rules for your VLANs as well as their network details.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Lets take look at it another way... Why are you using ospf in such a setup? As just a learning experience?

    I find it unlikely your adding all kinds of new networrks behind this downstream router.. The only way pfsense can get to those downstream networks is to esw1 via whatever transit network you have setup between it and pfsense.

    So just create static route(s) to include the networks you have downstream.. No need of routing protocols unless your trying to use it for dynamic path selection, or when downstream networks might pop up that fall outside normal space... But since I have to assume all the networks downstream of pfsense would fall in rfc1918 space - you could just route All it to esw1.

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