Setup a new XG7100-1U

  • Hi Forum.

    I having some issue setting my new XG7100 up as I want.
    Since its having the internal switch I having struggled with this setting
    I've configured as this:
    ETH1 - WAN (LAGG0.4090)

    ETH2 - ADMIN (LAGG0.10)
    ETH3 - LAN (LAGG0.50)
    ETH4 - DMZ1 (LAGG0.20)
    ETH5 - DMZ2 (LAGG0.100)

    My Plans is using the ADMIN interface as administration network (Switches and IPMI Interfaces). And here's where I'm in doubt on how I should build this.
    Should this be created as a new VLAN - Interface group - or as a lagg or bridge for gettign the best performance in this. SInce I would like to be able to connect directly to the XG7100 - or through a switch in the other buildings.

    So after studying the docs - I'm getting to the point of this should be created as LAGG1 - but not sure at all. so here I need to ask on how the best practice would be.
    Since the LAGG0 is using the interface ix2 & ix3, should is it actually that easy to create the LAGG1 - ad the add it as parents interfaces to the VLAN - along with the PVID/VLAN ID for the Switch ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you mean a lagg between the XG-7100 internal switch and your external switch?

    If so it won't be named lagg1 in pfSense that would only be configured by adding it as a lagg group to the required ports on the switch config.
    However the XG-7100 switch only support the load-balance lagg mode which may not be of help to you here.

    Is it working in the config you outlined above?


  • Yes I have the XG7100 up and running with the above description, but only using Ethernet cables.

    My Question is properly wrong described - I would like to use the SFP instead of 4xethernet cables to the same 48ports switch, but all is working as intended and outlined above.

    I'm in doubt on how I can add the SFP - so I have both ethernet and SFP in the same configuration, as working together instead seperate interfaces - but not sure on how to do this configuration.
    SInce all VLAN have lagg0 as parent interface - how can I create a group so the internal Switch and the fiber are acting as one !
    So all my setup is running fine using the Internal switch adn without any SFP port involved (yet)

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah OK. That is not easily achievable.

    You want to add the SFP ports for redundancy? To get a 10G connection?

    You can create a lagg of both SFP ports and connect them to the external switch, that would be a preferable setup.


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