inconsistent internet speeds

  • I have a 150/5 speeds. With the old router, I average 140mbps. Since PFSense I'm averaging 110Mbps but more often I'm getting around 60-70. Occassionally i'd go over 170mbps but rarely

    The box is a T620 with the Gx420, 16gb ram, 120gb M2 Intel Quad NIC

    shows that I'm only using 4% CPU... my Bios is the original bios from 2014. Trying to update the BIOS as we speak. Saw a few other threads about disabling the hardware checksum offload for VM's so I figure I follow some of those recommendation but no help either.

  • Netgate Administrator

    How are you testing?

    How does the usage break down across cores? top -aSH

    Are the interupt rates from the NIC reasonable? Are they spreading load across the cores? vmstat -i


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