Cox Internet Ingress Issue Used to Deter 3rd Party Equipment Usage

  • I built my own network complete with pfsense firewall, managed switch utilizing vlans, vpn interface for one vlan, IOT configured, and guest network all configured perfectly. Took months of learning and im very proud to say ive reached the top of the hill. The reason i went this route is because my ISP (Cox Communications) forces me to go through 8 servers before reaching desired website. Im huge about privacy. In my eyes what i do is my business and more importantly im not going to be a tool for some corporation to make more and more money that they honestly dont need. Cox sells logs of its users to analytics companies to research how to advertise in the area. (if i search the term "guitar" a lot, all of a sudden ads with guitars will eventually appear on pages). Just an example but you get it. They already are being paid by me, they dont need to make any more money off me. So last week my network stopped working. So i redid everything 3 times over, no luck. My apt complex are the account holders so customer support was no help, and my apt office was closed so i couldnt get any help. Well i went to the box on the side of my building and my coax was unplugged with a tag saying "causing outage" on one side and "Ingess" on the other. Is there any reason why my network would bog down others around me? Im pretty offended that they never addressed the issue, just unplugged my home, and left me to stressfully troubleshoot everything internally thinking its my fault. Because im tunneling some traffic through dedicated vpn and i have multiple networks configured via VLANS am i a target? Do i have any rights anymore?

  • Ingress on a cable system has to do with RF getting into the plant from other sources. Go through your entire run and verify that all your connectors are tight. Make sure your cable is not damaged somewhere.

    Usually they do not just unplug you unless they believe your line is not used. They will usually try to fix the problem on the spot if they can get access.

    Nothing to do with your network past the cable modem. If it did they would just shut you off in the system.

  • thank you for your reply. i reconfigured my gateway as suggested. I removed an extender i was using in hopes it will fix issue. Everything seems to be fine now. My guess is there was a lazy technician working here that day. oddly enough i was never notified of my ingress issue. the reason i had come to the conclusion i had was because in the past there had been problems with gateway being truly in bridge mode and when i told them i use pfsense the attitude and vibe changed and i was immediately transferred to someone who was basically interrogating me and educating me of the dangers of open source equipment. lame attempt to rope me back in to their trap. by the way the arris tg1682g doesnt fully go into bridged mode. (What technician said and to me it sounded like he shouldnt have told me that). Does my ISP have control of what equipment i have to use? Upon reading all the fine print with cox it seems like they could shut me down if they wanted to. I torrent sometimes but between my vpn and media servers running is that a red flag to them? I just want to cover my a$$. Thanks in advance

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    @johnny-rando said in Cox Internet Ingress Issue Used to Deter 3rd Party Equipment Usage:

    Cox sells logs of its users to analytics companies to research how to advertise in the area.

    You understand that google does this too right, who says its your isp ;) Facebook, that vpn your using...

    That store discount card, your credit card companies...

  • yes i am aware and it is f'n tragic. people dont have any privacy anymore. its done. or maybe internet privacy was a joke to begin with. like the internet was invented for this purpose. to track everyone. not worldwide communication and sharing of knowledge and ideas like we've been led to believe. makes me wonder where neo is. ha

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