Is Internal Dynamic Dns Lookup Supported? I think the old pfSense DNS Server did this?

  • Hi there, it's been a while since I used pfSense in a heavy fashion and I'm starting to use it more again now, so I'm going to sound a bit like a newbie (because I guess I am again)! One item I can't find support for in a package or the core software is the ability to do dynamic dns lookups for internal servers based on a rule or availability.

    This is similar to what a load balancing rule would do but the key is that the 10Gbps+ of traffic wouldn't pass-through the firewall...

    My critical current use case is a cluster of object storage servers and I currently use dnsmasq with round robin but this has no intelligence to remove an IP from the list if it goes down. So it would be similar to some of the more basic Dynamic DNS features of say F5's Big-IP.

    My assumption is that a few folks here will have also needed that and so I wanted to see how you do it in an "open source" fashion!. I think it was supported in a limited fashion in the old DNS implementation on pfSense but I can't seem to find that anymore.

    I've searched the posts for a while now and thought it might be best to ask the question!



  • @Hass bump, any thoughts on this?

  • Netgate Administrator

    No, I do not believe it is. I've certainly never seen that done at least.

    It may be possible ourside the GUI using a FreeBSD package perhaps.


  • Thanks @stephenw10 we'll keep looking and post post back if we find a good method of of doing this in conjunction with pfSense


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