Do I need to add SSD?

  • I'm considering to buy SG-3100. If I don't use cache proxy and only use IDS, DHCP, OpenVPN, DDNS and NAT, is it OK to just use 8GB MMC?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes. ☺

    The Snort/Suricata rules can take some space but nothing that would be a problem there. The logs are usually what uses more than intended. But as long as you check they are rotating as expected after installing it should be fine.


  • LAYER 8

    indeed, there is also an option for suricata and snort

    Log Directory Size Limit -> Enable Directory Size Limit

    if you set this you are sure that logs will not overwhelm your system

  • Thanks for your comments.

    I got it last Friday. I stream all pfsense log file to rsyslog in my Dell T20 home server. That solved the log problem.

    I got all my need. Now it only use 15% of 6.9GiB of disk.

  • @rickyzhang I purchase an M.2 32GB and reinstalled PFsense on it, because the wear of eMMC

  • I didn't look into eMMC inside my SG-3100. I'm not sure if it has level wearing or not.

    But in general, if I only use less than 20% space and streams the log file to other place, I bet it can last for very long.

    Let's do an experiment. We will see who will last longer 5 years from now.

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