DynDNS update emails when the IP doesn't change

  • I get emails from my pfsense router stating that "pfsense DynDNS updated IP Address on WAN...", but the IP hasn't actually changed. My IP address has been the same for over 2 years. But I regularly get these notices.

    The frequency of the emails varies. For example, I received emails on July 29, July 26, July 3, June 30, June 7, June 4, May 12, May 9, April 16, April 14, April 13, March 19, March 18. Sometimes it will be a single email, and sometimes it will be 2-3, a couple seconds apart. There's no real pattern to it.

    What would cause the DynDNS service to think that the IP has changed? Is it simply forcing a renewal for some reason? And if so, this shouldn't trigger the emails if the IP hasn't actually changed.

    The DynDNS service types that I'm using are HE.net Tunnelbroker and Cloudflare, but I'm not sure which record(s) are causing the emails.

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