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  • Hello guys is possible to set in the captive portal, i try to create a users, in user manager. i try it to log in the captive portal it's okay then i tried to login in different phone then it's login. It is possible example i login. that user cannot be login again in different phone because it's active. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    You want to prohibit that the same user (person) uses his login credentials on more then one device ?

    The first possibility :


    Note : only the last login will grant access, previous logins using the same user credentials are disconnected.
    Maybe not what you want.

    Next possibility :
    Use vouchers will a very small number of minutes - 5 or so.
    Also activate this option :


    Ones the voucher is used, it will become unusable very fast.
    Drawback : it's up to you to remove the MAC addresses from the MAC list, so no more automatic time out.

    Next solution :
    Use FreeRadius to enforce Captive portal authentication.

    When you use settings like this :


    only one user/password combination can be active, all other attempts will get denied.

    Maybe a drawback : you'll be using FreeRadius. You'll have to learn a lot about this "tool" top manage it a "little bit".

  • @Gertjan Thank you for the info.

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