• I have been holding off with this post trying to get it working myself with no joy.

    Here is my configuration  (3) WAN's –----> PFS 1.2.3--------->LAN ------------> Wireless Router (dd-wrt)
                                                              (Loadbalance)        (DHCP)                    (also DHCP)

    When I try to turn dhcp server off in PFS and let the router handle dhcp, I lose all connections to my pfsense box. Can someone please point me in the direction to allow my dd-wrt router handle all dhcp traffic so pfsense only has one LAN ip to deal with?

    Thanks! :)

  • What is the goal of such a setup?

    Is the DD-WRT router NATing or just plain routing (or even bridging?) ?
    Do you have different subnets behind/before the DD-WRT?

  • My goal is to have the DD-WRT handle all the routing for the LAN computers. Basically my pfsense box handles all WAN connections (multiple subnets) with one LAN (out ) to the dd-wrt router. I want to make the LAN on my pfsense box static so it makes life easier with port forwarding etc… i want the dd-wrt to handle all dhcp request.

    Is this possible since I have multiple WAN subnets? I am hoping this configuration improves the performance of opening webpages etc. I have port 80 and all other basic port funtions that have problems with multiple ip addresses port forwarded to my 1 wired WAN connection and the rest of traffic load balanced. However, webpages have slowed down opening to almost dsl speeds.

  • why not just set up pfsense to do static dhcp, get another interface for the pfsense box and use the dd-wrt router simply as an access point
    (or set an ip for it on your current lan and use the dd-wrt bridge function to accomplish this)

    the only difference is that the second way will have your wireless on the same subnet