Remote Desktop Connection with Dual Wan LoadBalancing

  • Hello mates,
    I work as IT admin at an organization, we use pfsense as router/firewall for our network with two seperate WAN connections from different ISPs, I have configured dual wan loadbalancing using gateway groups with Same Tiers, we have some developers who work at our office for our clients in remote by accessing their servers remotely with Remote desktop connection, as we are using dual wan load balancing, I wonder if the remote desktop connection will work well with dual wan loadbalancing configured on our router?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If it makes multiple outbound connections and the protocol doesn't like it coming from two different addresses you will have problems.

    If it only makes one connection it should be fine.

    Try it and see?

    If it gives you issues you can policy route just that traffic out one WAN. You might also try sticky connections.

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