• I periodically get an e-mail from pfsense saying that it has completed the bootup process. Today it did it a little bit before 11am. I checked and there is nothing in /var/crash, so anyone got any ideas as to what could cause these random reboots and how to prevent them during business hours?

  • External power issues or a fault in your PS or mainboard can trigger a reboot without a panic or crash dump.

  • Thanks for the response. I should probably mention that it is a VM on a Hyper-V server with dedicated 10g NICs for ingress/egress. I am thinking the time it takes to reboot the firewall would indicate that it is not a hardware issue since a reboot of the hypervisor would add significant time to the process. Do you think I'm right or should I still be looking at the other VMs and the hypervisor to see if they are also rebooting when the firewall does?

  • Hyper-V is also very interconnected to the host OS.
    Hyper going down = VM's going down : the host will follow.

    It's probably - just guessing - your pfSense that doesn't feel happy in the VM ...
    When your really need and use the full 10 Gig NIC's (speed), I would consider taking pfSense out of the VM prison, and give it it's own hardware.

    Shut down down you pfSense manually. And reboot it.
    Have a look at the system log. Now you know what it says when it's shutting down, and starting up.

    Now, go back in the same log, check what happened around and just before 11h00am.

  • Yeah, that would have useful to know you were running from a hypervisor....

    If it was a clean reboot then there should be something in the System log. I'm a VMware guy so I don't have a lot of experience with Hyper-V. The last time I tried it, it let a bad taste in my mouth. Hyper-V may have a log you can also check.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Really you would need to be logging the console output when it reboots to see what is happening there.

    You might be able to enable a serial console, set that as the primary console and log that output. It would no doubt involve some fun and games in HyperV though....