• Hey,

    I have 2 nic ports – em0, em1

    em0 is the wan

    em1 is the lan

    i have several vlans setup and i use a netgear fs7246t for the vlans

    They are all gigabit ports.

    Before i put in pfsense i could transfer from my sever to my computer through just the switch a 1.7gb file in about 5min. Now, because my computer is on vlan100 and the server on vlan200 it takes 35-40min for the same file.

    Is there something i can do to speed this up? Is this a problem with things on different vlans or is this more hardware...


  • That performance seems particularly terrible; 1.7GB/35mins = ~0.8MB/s. Even your original performance (1.7GB/5min) is slower than 100mbit can provide, about 6MB/s. You should be able to get at least 10MB/s on any reasonable hardware.

    What's your pfSense hardware configuration? Are you seeing any errors? I suspect this has to do more with your client/server configuration than pfSense; passing GigE through pfSense is somewhat non-trivial, but you're not even getting anywhere close.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I've just got 100Mbit/s LAN on fxp cards, but I can push ~6MBytes/sec over scp between two VLANs when copying backups to a server. I just did it a couple hours ago. I haven't measured other protocols, but this is on par with what I get in other scenarios that don't involve inter-VLAN transfers.

    I'm inclined to agree with ktims that there may be some other issues involved here that are not pfSense related. Unless your hardware (NIC/Switch) is the source of the VLAN problems, I doubt VLANs are a part of the larger issue.

  • normally switches bypass the router completely when they actually send data on the local network…that's kind of the whole point of a switch