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  • Currently the download page is an html form that prompts for image type and then initiates a download within the browser.

    I want to install this within a datacenter environment which i manage remotely, downloading it through the browser to my home connection and then re-uploading it to the datacenter is an extremely time consuming process (upload rate is sub 1mbit).

    The alternative kludge is starting the download, and then immediately cancelling it and extracting the download URL.

    Instead of pushing a download to the browser, the site should offer direct links to the ISO. Downloading direct to a datacenter can occur at gigabit speeds or faster and eliminates the extra step of reuploading it.

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  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    You can use something like wget.

    Navigate to select the file, right click save the URL.

    For the AMD ISO image:


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