• Hey folks,

    This question isn't really too much to do with pfsense (However I run run 2 pfsense boxes!)

    I'm trying to add a route in a linux machine (which is using busybox).

    i wish to add a route to a network.

    The hops should be as follows: (localhost) (default gateway which has a IPSEC tunnel) (Other end of IPSEC tunnel) (A router which knows how to get to my required network_ (My required network I wish to be able to reach)

    My routing table looks like this:
    Destination    Gateway        Genmask        Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface      *      U    0      0        0 eth0
    default        UG    0      0        0 eth0

    However every time I try and:
    route add -net netmask gw

    I get route:
    SIOC[ADD|DEL]RT: Network is unreachable

    Any ideas?


  • The next hop needs gateway to be reachable from one of your local interfaces. You would need to configure your IPSec tunnel so that it included the network you needed to reach.