ARP table for WOL on WAN side

  • Hi

    In PFsense is it possible to setup a static table in ARP? As i want to use it for enabling wake on lan(WAN) for my synology NAS.
    On an old router where i flashed it with WRT firmware i inserted an ARP script as this seemed the ONLY way in could wake my NAS over the internet.

    Br Hamid

  • @hrohibil

    To use WoL, you need to set up a relay, which can carry the WoL frame through routers.

    Basic WoL will not pass through routers.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    To do a wol from pfsense, just click the little button in the dhcp leases ;) Which will add that mac to your wol table..


    Not sure why anyone would want to have their nas in standby in the first place ;) Mine is doing all kinds of stuff in the background during "off" hours.. Creating plex video previews, maint on plex, etc.

    Never know when someone going to watch a movie at 3 am as well, etc.

    There is also normal other maint that synology goes through off hours, backups, reports, etc.

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