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  • I know I will be migrating to v2.0 as soon as it goes to RELEASE but the one thing that puts me off is the dashboard. Not to undermine any of your fantastic work Jimp, do you think maybe you could create a legacy widget that would just display the same stuff we have now? I have absolutely no idea of the work involved or even if I'm in a minority. I would just like to have the dashboard if I choose it and not have it if I don't want it.

    Please read this in the spirit it was meant.


  • Isn't that what the System Information widget does? You could choose to only display that. The only real difference is that the box would be contained, instead of continuing the lines and whitespace across the screen.

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    As dotdash said, just don't add any widgets except the System Information one and you'll have what you have now on 1.2.x out of the box. It may not be sized the same, but the same info should be there. If it's not, it can surely be added/adjusted a little.

    Is there something missing from the System Information widget on 2.0 that is there on the 1.2.x default index page?

    And keep in mind, I didn't create the dashboard, I'm just helping maintain it and adding some features :) And I completely understand that it's not for everyone. You can't please everyone, as well we know, but it's a nice feature for those that want it. That's the great thing about widgets: You can have as many or as few as you want. You can see just what you want to see. (Same thing with themes, everyone has their own favorite, for many different reasons)

    FYI- Most of what I did is now in 2.0 as well as the package for 1.2.x, with a some exceptions (Like the snort widget which should really be coupled with the snort package).

  • Yeh I see that.

    Its more a visual thing for me I guess, 1.jpg doesn't look as good as 2.jpg IMHO. Maybe if the dashboard package could detect if only one widget is loaded and expand it to full width.

    I think I'll try copying a version 1.2.x index.php over a v2.0 install to see what happens - if it all works then its a moot point  :P

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    If you enable the picture widget, and stick that picture in there, it'd look about the same :-)

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