• I have searched and have not found this scenario, so I apologize if this has been asked.

    I would like to setup CARP for failover.
    In my configuration I have 8 VLANs and growing.  Half of the VLAN's have public and the other half have private RFC 1918 addresses.
    If I correctly understand it, I will need to burn an address for the carp interface for each VLAN.  For example;  One Public IP for each VLAN GW, and then one for each CARP interface.

    While this is not a problem for the privately addressed vlans, it is a problem for the public ones, as I only have a couple /27's and have many boxes.

    Do I understand it correctly?  Is there anyway not to burn so many public addresses?

    I have looked at Mr. McBrides tutorial at this site which is very helpful, but does not answer my question.

    Thank You

  • I've been playing with CARP for a few weeks now, and it would seem that you are correct.

    For each VLAN/subnet you require 1 IP for each real machine and 1 IP address for CARP to use, shared across all of the machines.

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