Proxy or VPN

  • _I'm trying to get a better understanding which, Proxy or VPN, route is better for this issue. I hope someone can please point me in the right direction.

    I am try to figure out if A: pfSense could act as a proxy server for systems outside the my local lan so i could access a website via my home ip address
    ( eg. Laptop <> CyberCafe <> WWW <> Home pfSense <> WWW <> Website )
    or if a VPN is a better route. and B: If both are possible which method would leave the smallest footprint / workload on the pfS box.

    I would prefur to just enter the proxy info as a profile in firefox and access it as needed

    I am running:

    pfSense 1.2.2 Full Install

    Model Pentium II Celeron 534 Mhz
    498.40 MB
    SAMSUNG HDD (Capacity: 9.97 GB)


  • OpenVPN is built in to pfSense, so that would require the lowest effort for configuring pfSense (but would require a client to be installed on the remote system).

    Proxy functionality is built into all web browsers so would require the least effort on the client (but would require Squid to be installed on pfSense).

    I'd suggest that OpenVPN would be more secure.

  • ya ok, I figured that the openvpn method to be the easiest be intergrated all ready. Thanks for the insight.

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