IPv6 LAN Interface

  • I have two Netgate appliances (SG-3100 & SG-1100) that I am trying to enable IPv6. I am using this as a reference: Pfsense IPv6 behind AT&T Uverse 5268AC.

    My SG-3100 is behind a 5268AC/AT&T and is working like a charm.

    My SG-1100 is behind an Arris Surfboard/Suddenlink. Using the same settings, I now see an IPv6 address on my WAN interface on the dashboard, but I only see an IPv4 address on my LAN interface. I know the instructions were written for a 5268AC on AT&T, but if they enable an IPv6 address on the WAN interface, is it safe to assume that a properly configured LAN interface will yield an IPv6 address on the LAN interface? Per the above article, my LAN interface is configured:

    • IPv6 Configuration Type: Track Interface
    • IPv6 Interface: WAN
    • IPv6 Prefix ID: 0

    Are my assumptions invalid?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Every ISP and device are different.

    Get the details of how the IPv6 on that circuit is provisioned from the ISP.

    Check the debug log box on that WAN's DHCP6 settings. After you save, look at the DHCP logs and filter on command dhcp6c. That will show you what is happening.

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