Zabbix Proxy Advanced Parameters

  • Hello,
    Im wondering if anyone knows what advanced parameters we can put in the Zabbix Proxy config? Currently, I have Zabbix Proxy and Agent (both 3.4) installed on the same box. I cannot currently "connect" to my zabbix server, via the Proxy. I seem to recall there was an option I could put in the advanced parameters to get it to connect to the Zabbix server.

  • Anything in the System log? Anything in the Zabbix server's logs?

  • Yes... This message is listed for all my servers...
    "cannot send list of active checks to "XX.XX.XX.XX": host [HOSTNAME] not found"

  • OK, so approach it as a DNS problem. Something can't resolve the hostname of your Zabbix server?

  • So... I think this is why I had a value in the Advanced Parameters section. Unfortunately, my PF became corrupted (its on a VM), and had to rebuild it from scratch. I had old backup config files, but, the value in the advanced parameters was encrypted. That's why my question was originally phrased to find out whether or not someone knew what options I could put in there. Seeing a list would probably remind me of what was in there before. I think I had to enter a second ServerIpListen address (or something close).

  • In my Zabbix config I use IP addresses exclusively so there is nothing to resolve, so no DNS-related issues. Is this a routing issue? Can you ping the Zabbix server from pfSense?

  • Hmm. Odd. I can ping it from my machine, but not the firewall. Lm see wassup.

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