10Gbps DAC lossing connection with 160Mbps LAN traffic.

  • No local ip addresses generate almost 160 Mbps in LAN causing 30-60Sec drops in our network.
    While pinging the Pfsense LAN, all the packets sent are dropped.


    I have a cisco SG550X connected to the XG-1537 through a 10Gb SFP DAC.
    Switches running Spanning Tree Classic.
    Ports utilization < 2% RX and TX
    CPU and RAM < 12%


    My pfsense is running with two GWs, 1st 100D/100U. 2nd configured as failovers.
    PFSense CPU<2%, RAM<20%.

    Pfsense configurations:
    Transparent Squidguard MITM
    Traffic Shaper, allowing only 10Mbps for each host.
    Snort blocking LAN.

    Things ive done:
    Ping through all my switches, only my SW-PFsense LAN being affected by drops.
    Deactivate LAN Snort.
    Deactivate Smartports and DoS protection in the switches.

    POFLAN Traffic Graph showing some external IP address increasing the bandwidth more than 160Mbps, through my testing i found another 6 ip address doing the same.


    Could you please help me to identify the source of my problem, or suggest any other tool or test i need to run to get rid of this packet loss issue.

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