Outbound NAT issues with /29 range

  • Hi Forum.
    From My ISP I have a public IP range as /29

    In my DMZ zone - I have several Mailservers - that need outbound NAT to different public IP's.

    I haven't got any issues regarding the setup of the LAN zone ( a whole network)

    how can I NAT a single host to a public IP
    LAN Zone NAT to static public IP
    In my DMZ zone I have 2 different mailservers
    mail1 NAT to
    mail2 NAT to
    I've tried several solutions -> But cannot SOURCENAT a single hosts to a public IP the right way!

    I want to have source nat my to and source-nat my to ?
    What Am I doing wrong here

  • Strange my settings where actually OK - Just needed toi change it to an ALIAS instead of IP address

    Now with 5 working public IP's

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