Embedded Website Content, how to allowed?

  • Hi, I am trying to use Pfsense to replicate a configuration I have done in the past with a Cisco Web Filtering.

    Basically here is what I am trying to do:
    Let's say I block everything that has to do with youtube or any streaming website.

    I am allowing my customer to access a website (mycompanyname.myabsorb.ca) which content youtube video for formation purpose, but as I have blocked all youtube content on my pfsense, so I am not able to load the video.

    Is there a way I can tell pfsense that everything in the mycompagnyname.myabsorb.ca can be viewed by the clients?

    At the moment, my need is to give users only access to this particular website and what it embedded into it, but I have not succeed, any suggestions?

    Many thanks for your help


  • It isn't possible for you to block YouTube for all your users but allow it when it's linked from somewhere else.

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