Routing from a passthrough'ed IP

  • Morning,

    I have a 3G modem attached to the WAN side of my PFSense VM, and all is working well. The 3G modem (a Teltonika RUT950) is operating in bridge mode, and passing the public IP through to the PFSense VM, which is picking it up via DHCP just fine and giving me internet access.

    My issue lies with trying to access the modems management IP on I've given my PFSense VM a Virtual IP, and attached it to the WAN port. Using the shell on PFSense, I can ping the 3G modem, and tcpdump shows successful ICMP traffic from (PFsense) to (the modem).

    However, when it comes to traffic on the LAN, it gets nowhere. LAN traffic, according to tcpdump on PFSense, emits with a source IP of the public IP, not the VIP. As a result, the modem is just dropping this 'foreign' traffic.

    What's the recommended method to ensure this 'WAN side' traffic comes from the VIP rather than the public IP?



  • Missed that page in my searches, thank you. Will give that a shot this weekend.

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