L2TP auto connect after reboot.

  • Hello.

    My ISP give me the Interner connection via L2TP. In the pfSense gateway I configured the L2TP interface (InterfacesL2TP (l2tp0)). It works fine but the connection stay in down state after pfSense reboot. I must to click connect button in Status -> Interfaces. Could you say if there is a way to bring the L2TP interface up automaticly after reboot ? "Enable Dial-On-Demand mode" doesn't work for me too.

    Thank you.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you see it try to connect in the logs at all? Does enabling dial-on-demand change what is logged there?

    Do you see any errors?


  • I didnt' see connection attempts in the log. I added some script to cron and fixed the problem.

  • bolo, please let me now which script did you add.
    Thanks in advance.

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