giant locked - atkbd0

  • Celeron j1900
    Vga amd64 img
    Rufus dd mode


    I cannot install the image, since it always hangs with the last statement
    Atkbd0 giant locked and wont continue.

    When i try to install the dvd iso inside kvm it works.

    Why not on my celeron pc?

  • What kind of keyboard do you have connected? And is this a homebrew PC or a minipc like a Qotom?

  • @KOM its an aliexpress pc, so kind of homebrew. Its an issue with freebsd... all other distros run fine. I checked the internet, everyone seems to argue that they either have the same issue without solution or they say this was fixed with freebsd version 12...
    Can you free this ressourse somehow?

  • @KOM
    Ok i now tried 4 different usb sticks and 3 different keyboards, even without keyboard plugged its always locked with atkbd0.

    How can i solve this?

  • No idea at this point. I would check for firmware/BIOS updates for your board if you haven't already done so.

    Also, you might want to check out pfSense 2.5-devel which is based on FreeBSD 12 I believe. Not for production use, but seems to work pretty well.

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