Do NVMe drives work well in pfsense?

  • How many people use NVMe drives in pfsense without issue?

    On a reddit post I made someone stated that pfsense/freebsd can have issues booting from NVMe drives and they have issues of some sort with NVMe drive support since freebsd support for them isn't the best. He said in his experience only some worked with no issues. I attached the screenshot of the build below. I made another post on reddit and there were people that said they used NVMe drives. So idk if he was incorrect on his statement

    I just wanted to make sure that this computer in question can run pfsense without issues for my house on my gigabit fiber connection with pfblockerng and the occasional openvpn.

    m720 tiny.png

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    Your other topic was deleted... As stated by user, do not cross post..

    I left this question active here in the general section since its fine for that sort of question.

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    I only have one device capable of running NVMe drives, and it's a FreeBSD 12 box, and it works perfectly running ZFS. I see no reason why pfSense wouldn't be fine with them, at least a 2.5.0 snapshot.

    Assuming your specific drive controller/chipset is supported, it should be fine. Might be some BIOS options to tweak. I didn't have to do anything special on mine.

  • Did your nvme and zfs work on the 2.4.4 latest stable build as well?

  • I used a NVMe drive with ZFS in a new 2.4.4 based system a few months ago - everything's working great. The only time I had trouble with NVMe drives was when pfSense was still on the 2.3.x branch. Hope this helps.

  • @tman222 Yes your experience helps. Thank you

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