SG-1100 vs SG-3100 vs random box

  • I am looking at trying out pfsense coming from an edgerouter x and looking at the different boxes. This will be for my home so shouldn't be too stressed but learning so will likely want to have a few plugins installed to monitor traffic leaving the network to the wan. Also likely going to run ad-blocking as well as vpn. My current internet speeds are only 50meg but looking to switch providers for 400 meg. I was looking at the netgate boxes but the 1100 and 3100 do not seem to have a lot of memory which is where I know plugins tend to choke from what I have read.

    Will an 1100 work just fine or maybe the 3100? Or do I just build a microbox with more memory?

  • @ccrowder I am using a SG-1100 and have been very happy. I previously owned an EdgeRouter and USG. You will be blown away how much better the SG-1100 is.

    I wrote something on another post on how I use it and it's perfromance. Check out this link:

    link text

  • Saw this referenced in the newsletter today and thought of this post:

  • I built a mini PC box a few years ago and have been very happy. It has 4GB and an SSD with some kind of Atom CPU(I think 4-core). It handles everything I have ever thrown at it and more. I recently bought an SG-1100 to use for another purpose and it's a far slower and the 1GB of RAM has limited some of the pfblockerNG configurations.

    I do like the SG-1100. It's cheap and basic. No hardware config.

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