MPD problem

  • This is message: mpd: can't create tcpmss node at "bypass"->"inet": No such file or directory
    And after that there is no pppoe connection any more.

    Problem is occurring in pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090407-0825.tgz and in image from yesterday (don't remember which is because I have erased it).

    Google search doesn't give any help, just few similar occurrence of this problem.


  • i am having the same issue.

    i have at&t and using the config.xml fix noted in another thread regarding the same issue. still not working.

    here is a cap from cat /var/log/system.log

    need immediate help with this issue!

  • It's been observed since 20090405-2210.tgz, so stay away from the daily build for a while and back to 20090403-2246.tgz at least to get your pppoe back to normal.


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