Suggestion for the default netmask on interface and DHCPv6 Server & RA

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    i saw alot of people on the forum in the last few month that complain because stuff does not work
    tab of dhcp not showing / ipv6 address not working
    most of the time the problem was because they forgot to set netmask /24 on the interfaces and/or forgot to set netmask /64 for Prefix Delegation Size in the dhcpv6 server.
    if we Set 24/64 value as the new default for LAN/OPT* instead of /32 and /48 would solve most of the trouble or we would have more people complaining because they forget to set to 32/48 ?

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    48 - yeah that would never be correct ;) I could see maybe setting /64 as default on ipv6 address

    Over the years this discussion has come up a few times.. And while I kind of agree on the /24 default.. It is up to the user to set the correct mask..

    I think it just defaults to one side of the list.. You could look if its been actually requested before in redmine.. But if I recall it never got any traction, and thought there was an actual reason other then just users should pay attention.. But don't recall off the top of my head the old discussions on this topic..

    Other than nothing ever came of it, since it still defaults to /32 ;)

    You should get windows to change their default from the old class standards while you at it when you put in a 10 for example it default to If you put in 172.16 it does 16



    While its nice to "guess" to what the user might be thinking of doing - ultimately it comes down to the person setting the IP to make sure the mask is correct.

    Maybe a note or something when setting it in the gui that if you use /32 dhcp is not going to be available ;) But users never seem to have issues with this sort of thing never seem to read the notes or manual anyway - hehehe

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