Multi-WAN: default gateway IPv4?

  • Hello,

    I've configured a dual WAN on my SG-3100 for load balancing/faileover.

    The faileover works fine.

    However I'm not sure about the load balancing: in System/Routing/Gateways there is always a (default) gateway and the connection only goes through this default's gateway. I try to put my "WAN_LoadBalancing" group in Default gateway IPv4 but it doesn't work (and if I reboot the SG-3100 there are no connection because I don't have a (default) gateway. I have to choose one of the 2 GW). Any ideas?



  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You cannot use the routing table to load balance.

    You have to policy route the traffic to the load balance group.

    The load balancing happens in pf, not in the routing table.

  • @Derelict thanks for your answer. I'm not sure I understood the problem. After reading the article I think the problem is because I created groups for load balacing + failover while load balancing manage the failover itself: Gateways that are load balanced will automatically failover between each other. So I have to get rid of my groups + rules about failover.
    And for default gateway IPv4? I put automatic?

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