PPPoE Server with Multi-WAN setup

  • Hello,
    I currently have a pfsense box configured as a PPPoE server with a multi-wan setup (with one capped at 3mbps and the other 4mbps).
    Clients that are connected to the said pfsense via the LAN will have a total bandwith of 7mbps by testing the connection with speedtest.net.
    Next, I have another pfsense box act as a PPPoE client to connect to the PPPoE server and have the same windows client connect to the PPPoE client.
    However, when I tested the connection the results given will either be 3mbps or 4mbps

    Shouldn't the bandwidth remained as 7mbps once the multi-wan has been setup?

    The following is a diagram of my current testing environment.

    Thanks in advance!

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