Problem with internet access of LAN network

  • Hello,
    after a fresh installation of pfsense on proxmox, i have a problem with access to the internet from the LAN network. On the server i have two NICs - one for the WAN and one for the LAN on pfsense. When i ping and curl from the console of pfsense everything is working, but when i try from machine on the LAN network - ping is working but cant get response with curl.

    NAT is set to - Automatic outbound NAT rule generation
    WAN setup
    LAN setup

    Nothing else is changed.

  • Have you configured pfSense as it's recommended in Virtualizing pfSense with Proxmox?
    Go down in this guide and do the settings under "Configuring pfSense Software to work with Proxmox VirtIO".

  • cURL is trying to use IPv6. Your LAN rules don't allow IPv6. What happens if you try curl -4

    Also get rid of that Allow All from Any rule on WAN. It's like leaving your front door unlocked.

  • I found my problem :) Someone of my colleagues had setup the port of the switch i was connected to work with specific VLAN. After i connected it to other port everything works fine.

    About the rule for the WAN - i was just trying everything to get connection to the internet.

  • OK, I think I see what happened. When curl tried IP4 silently, it failed to connect, so then it switches to IP6 and shows it. This same effect happens when you're blocked and you try to update Ubuntu. You get a screen full of blocked IP6 attempts.

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