Chrome remote desktop connection with pfsense squid proxy server

  • I already did the port and domains exceptions that Google talk to me. I did an open rule from WAN than permit all the incoming traffic, but chrome remote desktop does not work.

    I can open the app but the local PCs never connect to remote access, PCs have a good internet connection.

  • Any time you think you have blocked traffic, you check the firewall log to see what is being blocked. If LAN is wide open as per the default then there should not be anything being blocked. If you have added rules to lock down your LAN then check them or post them here.

  • Check the firewall log and see what is being blocked. As per the default LAN should be wide open then nothing will be blocked. In case you locked down your LAN check out them.

  • @pollard5 I'm not sure why you created an account just so you could basically repost what I already said 6 days ago.

  • Thanks for your answers, is a particular problem between chrome remote desktop and proxies. I changed the chrome remote desktop for other remote and free app and works well.

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