The firewall has enountered an error

  • Hi I have encounter some problem and i dunno what the problem , can all master help me identify it?
    many thankz

  • Crashes like that are usually bad hardware (memory or disk) or hardware driver causing the problem. What were you doing when the crash happened?

  • So i might need build another PFsense to replace it, i didnt do anything because im not sure what causing it, i remembered this firewall error appear after i did something on the firewall access there and i deleted it also , but seem it keepon appear the error firewall.

  • Just replace the RAM and see if that fixes it. If not, try a different disk. If you already have a spare disk laying around, try that first before you spend money on new RAM.

  • i got the replace whole thing new one with the same setting or configuration, so far there's no more error message .ya probably the router problem. will reinstall the problem unit and try again. many thank :-).By the way, how do we know the router got hardware issue? is there anyway to teach me to read the TXT that i attached it?

  • pfSense is built on top of FreeBSD, so use your Google-fu to research how to analyze FreeBSD crash dumps.

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