• Guys, I am playing around with a second USB LAN interface.

    I have

    LAN (ue0)

    If I delete the second (ue1) interface, remove it and reboot, the interface reassignment mode ALWAYS comes up, even though it was working fine pre-reboot as above.

    If i plug back in the USB adapter even though there is no interface assigned it boots successfully and previous interfaces are correct.

    So if I want a stable working system I cannot remove this not-in-use USB adapter.

    It seems really dumb behavior. It may be something to do with how USB is recognized, any ideas?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You will only hit that if ue1 is still referenced somewhere in the config. Check the config file directly /conf/config.xml.


  • Hey Steve, you would think so right...

    there is no mention at all of ue1
    I have deleted it from the gui and its not in conf...

    When I boot, the ue0 is not seen UNLESS ue1 is plugged in... regardless of which usb port

    So its perhaps not a pfsense issue but an underlying usb driver issue... I may just say stuff it and leave the $20 adapter in there...

    It would be much easier if the was an option to boot fully regardless of interfaces - better than a broken system

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, well that's an interesting issue. That seems like a hardware or maybe bios bug. But you will need ue0 to be present since it's LAN so...

    The purpose of that check is to prevent it booting to a broken system. If the ruleset contains references to interfaces that are not present you are in an unknown siotuation. From a security view point it's better to not pass anything.

    You can add ue to the list of interfaces not to check but I would not recommend it.


  • That seems like a hardware or maybe bios bug

    its a old Atom 64bit system but was going fine till this ue1 took over

    The purpose of that check is to prevent it booting to a broken system.

    yeh yo're right in this case ue0 often wasnt loading at all so no point continuing