Mobile is offline in DHCP leases

  • Hi,
    I'm using Netgate 3100 with pfsense 2.4.4. I've set up static IP-adress for my computer and mobiles i DHCP server using MAC-adresses. When I check the status och DHCP leases I saw that my Android and two other devices were offline while my computer is online. I've set up them in the same way but the computer is connected through cable and the rest of them through wifi.
    Any ideas why they are offline?

    2019-08-24 16-00-51.png

  • Do the devices have Internet access? Is this a GUI issue or are they not getting addresses? What are you using for an AP and how is it connected?

  • They do have Internet access. I've set up static IP adresses so I can send them through OpenVPN. My computer (IP adress which is connected through a ethernet cable connects through my VPN. The other three devices doesn't connect through my VPN. I have asus lyra as wifi which is connected to my netgate. What is an AP?

  • AP = wifi access point.

    When you say you gave them static IP addresses, did you mean a static reservation in DHCP server? Or did you mean you actually manually set a static address on each device? DHCP Server Status won't show your devices as being online if it didn't give them an address. Do you have your Lyra set to be a DHCP server as well perhaps?

  • I set a static reservation in DHCP server, I marked the following option in DHCP leases and they are now online and show up in Arp table.
    Create an ARP Table Static Entry for this MAC & IP Address pair.

    But they still don't connect through the VPN tunnel.

    Lyra is not set to DHCP server, does it matter?

  • You don't want your AP acting like its own DHCP server. You just want it acting as a bridge from wifi to LAN or VLAN. Glad to hear your DHCP clients are now showing up. I'll have to remember that setting.

    Your VPN issue should be a new thread in the proper forum, perhaps the OpenVPN forum.

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