ppoe connection - no network unless trough vpn connection

  • Since a couple of days, there were changes/problems with my ISP provider. First i tought the problems were related to my setup, but it appears not. Anyway i started a fresh installation of pfsense (maybe not bad after several years of putting things into it).
    I used the modem in bridge mode, and did setup ppoe on the pfsense side. Possible due to a change on the ISP side, my wan is coloured red in pfsense, and no internet for the clients. Strange here was that my freedns dynamic ip got updated. Other strange thing i noticed, i see the gateway on the wan is a private ip (10. range), while the wan adress itself is public ip. Am i right this is not normal? Or is there something i need to change?

    As an alternative, i changed my modem to non-bridged mode, and the pfsense wan with a static ip in the range of the modem/router. This double nat setup mode seems to work.
    Are there any special security considerations i need to take for this setup? Do i need for example to activate "Block private networks and loopback addresses" and "Block bogon networks"? I don't think so, as this only counts for incoming connections on my wan? I do know i need rules in the 2 routers if i want to reach a server on my lan.

    Kind regards.

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