Is the Realtek RTL8111 Chipset safe to use or a pass?

  • Putting together a box for our restaurant and we already got loads of the hardware needed in storage but i question the four port Ethernet card.

    We have primary cable coming in and a backup dsl so dual wan with fallover/fallback needed.

    And a port in need to go out to our managed switch.

    So a four port card is needed .

    The card itself work but i question the driver support for that chipset.

    Is it decent or a nightmare?

  • @Magnus33 Certainly supported and I have used Realtek cards (and the 8111) in the past without issue. Many would differ. I did however pick up a used IBM I340 4-port on Ebay for about $20. You could also use a couple of single port cards instead of a quad if all you need is 3 ports. Prob a NIC on the MB, no?.

  • There is although i like to avoid mixing different card/chipsets to avoid points of failure.

    I fully understand the Intel point of view as everything built basically onto the card and not past off to the driver.

    Presently our Ac86U is running fine and Merlin custom firmware is great but Asus never got dual wan to work correctly in its firmware on any of its router models.

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