Restoring simple configuration from RCC-VE 2440 on new XG-7100

  • My old RCC-VE 2440 died (double red lights, no response from serial terminal), so I just purchased an XG-7100 to replace it. When I restore a configuration from the 2440 to the XG-7100, I get an "interface mismatch" issue that is asking me to re-assign interfaces based on the interfaces in the new hardware.

    On the 2440, I had a pretty straightforward setup with no VLANs:
    igb0 = WAN
    igb1 = LAN1
    igb2 = LAN2
    igb3 = LAN3

    It appears that the XG-7100 is all set up to use a switch configuration with VLANs, LAGGs, etc.... but I have no need to use those for my network at this time. If I delete interfaces or VLANs, then I have no access to the web UI.

    Is there any way I can get this new appliance set up like my 2440?

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator


    Please open a ticket at our team is able to assist.

  • Thanks for the reply, but I think I got it all set and figured out.

    After reading about the XG-7100's setup, I created VLANs for each of my LANs with the one LAGG, and then reassigned the interfaces to the new VLANs. Everything is all good now.