Mobile Device connects but can't connect to host - can ping host from pfsense web config

  • I also used the port test to verify the application on the host was live and accessible.

    This is a fresh install of pfsense to do a proof of concept for a customer. I have pfsense experience but not with a single interface version and just a little experience on AWS and none with ipsec.

    I can connect from iOS, OSX, and Android but I can't get access to the host on the LAN from my remote clients.

    I have a windows 2012 AMI on AWS and pfsense AMI too. Windows host Firewall is turned off.
    In Firewall/Rules/IPsec there is one rule that allows all traffic in and out. The default rule created when I turned on Ipsec.

    I don't think my dns server is setup properly so I am testing with ip addresses for now.

    I put the ip and port of a web page in a browser on my remote client to connect to the host on aws over the vpn then I ran packet capture on IPSEC no activity and same for localhost. There was traffic on the WAN side. but I knew that would be there.

    The local network configured in p2 does not overlap with the AWS LAN.

    I would like to know what logs to look at for this problem. - and what to look for.

  • AWS config problem - I reinsntalled pfsense on AWS carefully following instructions and resolved most of the issues. Still had to tweak the elastic IP assignment to get the LAN assignment to be available in pfsense. The instructions seem to indicate that the elastic ip should be assigned to an interface in AWS but when I changed it to be assigned to the pfsense instance then the ip showed up as a network interface in pFsense.

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