Squid : Blacklisted domain bypassed with IP address

  • Hello all,

    Well, i'm setting up a new pfSense…but my last one was so long ago that i don't remember something :

    I installed Squid and entered some domains to be blacklisted.

    I a user connect with http://IP_Address_Of_This_DOmain : he manages to go to the site.

    I remember that i had previously read that is possible to block it, but can't remember how..

    Someone could help me  ;D ?

    Thanks you !

  • In the SquidGuard config, under "Default" tick "Not to allow IP addresses in URL".  The description next to it is "To make sure that people don't bypass the URL filter by simply using the IP addresses instead of the fully qualified domain names, you can check this option."

    Always work looking at the packages configuration options ;)

  • Oh ! So it's the trick : i need SquidGuard too !

    Thanks for the tip !

  • Thanks,

    It worked like a charm  :D !

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