Trouble with multiple VLANS and SNMP

  • Hi all

    I have a setup with a pfsense router and a local lan with multiple VLAN's on the LAN interface, one for each port in the switch. Totalling 33 VLANS thus 35 interfaces.
    The setup is working great and there is no problems with any of the VLAN's at this time. But i cannot start the snmpd, it is failing with the following error:

    Apr 8 17:14:28 	snmpd[46974]: lm_load: open /usr/lib/ Undefined symbol "mib_next_if"
    Apr 8 17:14:28 	snmpd[46974]: init dep failed: 13
    Apr 8 17:14:28 	snmpd[46974]: error in config file

    I believe this is related to a problem I had where i had to edit the config file manually. This arised when i deleted one of the vlan interfaces while it still had dhcp info and firewall rules on it…
    After doing this the config file got messy and contained interfaces called <optxxxx>... I deleted the lines containing these interfaces and they no longer exist in the config file... But I believe that i might have messed up the config file....

    Can anyone help me?

    I would rather not upload the config file in its entirety but if anyone wants it, i might send it to them...</optxxxx>

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