Network folder sharing with pfsense

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    I want to share a folder on one windows xp VM to only another windows 7 VM . what is the right way to do this? I have tried just about everything. I can ping both computers, just need to know routing to share a folder on the old XP VM


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    So these VMs are on different vlans and route through pfsense? They are not on the same VM host?

  • No not yet all on NAT but soon as my Dell Power Connect comes yes I will be putting them both on the same VLAN. For now both are on NAT.


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    Both on nat? Makes no sense.. How are the different vms connected to pfsense..

    Pfsense would nat between lan and wan - are you saying one is on pfsense wan network, and other is on lan network?

  • Both are on vmware so I need pfsense routing and vmware sharing/port forwarding to be able to talk to each other.

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    So one VM is on host that is on WAN and other is on host that is on LAN?

  • Both are are on wan right now, but want to change the XP to lan and the Windows 7 on Wan. Can't I route traffic through lan to talk to each other while Windows 7 is on Wan?

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    If both are on WAN - pfsense has zero to do with them talking to each other.

    If want to want to do smb through firewall then you would have to forward the port if your wanting to do wan ---> lan, if your wanting to do lan ---> wan then the default rules would allow it. Keep in mind that host firewalls not going to allow fire sharing from different network, etc. You would also need to adjust the host firewalls.

  • Ok so what would be the routing windows 7 wan to windows xp lan to share a folder on xp for windows 7 to use?

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    There wouldn't be any routing - you would setup a port forward for the port your using for file sharing tcp 445? Or you using old tcp 139?

  • What your VMs doing on WAN? What a point have in 2019 Windows XP? FYI: in this year Windows 7 going to be off from support. Stop and move to fresh OS, especially this is VM, hell...

    1. Firstly you say they on nat, then on wan. For me its looks like you even doesn't know what you have. How anybody will help you then?
    2. Stop NAT all to internet, ESPECIALLY WindowsXP, you will hurt yourself. Configure OpenVPN and connect both VMs to one private network, and share what you want between them.

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